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Floor tiles
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Ceramic tile industry cost is high[ 09-15 15:54 ]
  Price increases led to the price of ceramic tile materials is also rising,but the production technology has not been effective breakthrough,so that makes the ceramic tile industry cost in high.In the market situation of current overcapacity,the ceramic...
Create Wall Art To Make Your Home Unique[ 08-11 11:08 ]
  Any blank wall in your home can serve as a canvas for tile-inspired art. Rather than simply painting an accent wall, add texture and depth by incorporating unique tile designs.Such as add some damask patten tiles, which are available in a range of fashi...
The subway interior decorative tile[ 07-21 11:32 ]
      Recently,the Chinese porcelain culture as the design elements of the subway has been open  in  Nanchang city.Inside the train,Designers use a lot of blue and white porcelain tile to do the laying.Le...
How to choose ceramic tiles[ 04-27 16:01 ]
(a) alternative now decorative ceramic tile on the market, according to the use function can be divided into the floor tile, wall brick, lumbar line brick, etc. Selection of floor tile of breed of design and color is very much, the room is very big, according to the material can be divided into the glazed pottery, connect body brick, prevent slippery brick, polishing brick, bo changes a brick, etc.
Buy polishing brick need to know[ 04-27 16:01 ]
1, the detection rate of intensive and the water absorption of ceramic tile of ceramic tile and floor tile a corner of the elevator, the ceramic tile of tapping the metallic objects, listen to the voice. In general, crisp voice means high density, high strength, bibulous rate is small, and the ceramic tile of good quality; Whereas the smaller sound dumb ceramic tile is low density, low strength, bibulous rate is big, poor quality.
You don't know the polishing brick secret[ 04-27 16:01 ]
1, polishing brick is not treated with high temperature of fire, is a natural stone material, which have a plenty of natural minerals, no radioactive elements, for us there is absolutely no harm to human body. Don't have to worry about long-term exposure can cause what effect to the body.
Polishing brick: extremely personality, fashion and practical[ 04-27 16:01 ]
In the process of polishing brick of actual production, not only has a very strong individual character characteristic, super perfect gloss level, also in terms of actual application, has a strong professional technical strength and design of soft power. The whole production process, on behalf of the production progress the overall strength of ceramics industry, is a characteristic to drive industry more possibility to products a more representative building ceramic products.
Choose stone curing agent have what standards?[ 04-27 16:01 ]
1, according to the needs of protection option. If the purpose of protection is to prevent the whiskering, rust, etc., generally USES organic silicon type stone curing agent can achieve the effect. If the protection is the purpose of the comprehensive carrying capacity and water, often using organic fluorine stone curing agent to achieve the effect.
Polishing brick, and archaize brick is seven points[ 04-27 16:01 ]
1, archaize brick variety, design and color is more, complete specifications, 900 * 800 * 450 and 800, more is 600 * 600, but also suitable for hutch defends areas such as the use of small specifications of brick, is said to be a fit of polishing brick and tile. Dermatoglyph of archaize brick, rock, wood, etc. Series, looks very similar objects, is genuine, many of which are the brick, not just on the glaze.
A look at the two listen to three choose ceramic tiles[ 04-27 16:01 ]
Generally speaking, at the time of ceramic tile of choose and buy, many consider normal businesses, normal brand ceramic tile, at the same time need to check the manufacturer's quality certificate, test of radioactive, etc. For different space, different areas, the ceramic tile of the material and size are not the same. Floor tile floor material, for example, common in the two kinds of polished tile
What kind of ceramic tile for shop is in the bedroom[ 04-27 16:01 ]
General floor tile is no problem, everyone was sleeping time is the most relaxed, so choose quiet, neat and comfortable in the bedroom is more suitable for ceramic tile. Polishing brick is the protagonist of the bedroom. Polishing brick brick white degree is high, strong anti-pollution, anti-static, applied to a variety of elegant bedroom decorate, effect and elegant light spirit, full of romantic colour, feel more comfortable.
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